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1966 - 1969


Litte Stokes History


First Sight


First Move

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Renovation 1966/67

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First Steam



for our first steam party


Our First SteamParty


Our First Rally

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End Of Season 1967


Driving Test 1968


More Rallies & Events

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End of part 1


A Very Small Part 2

The Awakening Of Little Stoke 


Moving home again





Little Stoke's

Working Life







 Welcome to our Humble abode, this website is to be a journey, through past , present and future, Whats it about i hear you ask? this is an extraordinary journey of sweat blood and tears




Little Stoke

 This is A Fowler DNB Double crank compound 12 ton Steam Road Roller, Boiler number 17487 Reg number LG2251.


This Roller was supplied new to Samuel Jackson, Wistaston Crewe, in July 1929. It became part of their fleet of steam vehicles and equipment that worked over a large area. Reports from previous drivers told of working in the Bolton area and even into Yorkshire. It also helped to roll the runways of Tern Hill airfield during W.W.II.

In 1958 Jacksons sold the roller to F.H.M contractors (Newcastle Under Lyme). A lot of work was done by them in the Leek area and making the A.34 through Newcastle into dual carriageway. The roller came to the end of its working life by 3 problems

1] It moved into a smokeless zone on the A.34.

2] The Experienced Driver retired.

3] The engine suffered a serious lack of power.

At this point F.H.M decided to sell this roller for scrap.

 Read more about how we obtained this roller on the history page


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2017 We are Back !

Back with Countless new projects, Pictures and ramblings.

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On the Way To Klondyke Mill Saturday 2nd June 2012 Little Stokes First Public Appearance Since 1969. Click here for more pictures and video.








Thanks go out to ..

A Big Thank you goes to family friend Arthur Prime for supplying us some coal

And Kevin Allen of 4k's Joinery and his sidekick Bernard Hallam For the Canopy Construction






2009 - Ongoing


The Story So Far


Renovation 2009


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Other Links


 Dorset 2009




Boiler repairs


Renovation 2010


Paint & Parts Removal

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 Renovation 2011


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 Renovation 2012


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David Hallam's Canopy

    Creation Corner



     Test Fit


Steamtest 1

Steamtest 2

Steamtest 3


Boilertest 25th May 2012




  Our next Project




First Steam Party 2012


Foxfield Steam up 2012


Klondyke Mill 20th & 21st October 2012


End of 2012


 Runing and Events      


Vintage Spirit Photo Shoot


  Driving Test 2013


  Elvaston Castle 2013


  Barton Gate 2013


  Dorset 2013


  Latest Blog

  Random pics 2013 - present




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