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                                                                                                                         Three Pictures of the Three positions of the gear changing linkage

                                                                                                                                            1) Low Gear Position enabled


2) Neutral Position Selected


3) High Gear Position Selected



Saturday14th August 2010 Tender Refitted.

Yes you read that right, on this day in history Jonny & Nick refitted the Tender. More details on this as we find out, heres some pics of the finished event.



Just for comparison

David & Nick Hallam replace the flywheel and crank Friday 15th October 2010


1st november Nicky & Phil prepare the trunk guides for refitting




 Painted ready to re-fit Minus the cleaning of the back plate

Thursday 4th November 2010, Nicky & David Hallam Refit Trunk Guides this is a major step for Little Stoke as this has not been together for 40 years Plus!.

Friday 5th November Nicky & David hallam refit Eccentrics and Stevenson links  

Again this hasn't been in place for 40years plus!.

End of 2010


Start of


Tues 1st feb Jonny assembles the headstock and puts the forks ready to mount


Saturday 12th Feb

Nick and jon replace the counterwieghts on the crank

Sunday 27th febuary

Nick & Jonny replace the flywheel brake bracket


Sunday 13th March

Nick refits stearing wheel Bracket

Jonny refits the hand brake bracket Note the broken bracket. David Hallam says it was like that ever since he obtained the roller.

Nick temporarily puts on the motion sidepannels to help align the brackets that hold the pannels on




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