Boiler test 25th May 2012


     Peter Hawkins our boiler inspector, visited our place on 25th May 2012 to give Little Stoke her final inspection. Although he had given her a hydraulic test at the boiler engineers place back in 2010 he came and did another today. It was pressured up to 300lbs per square inch with no serious leaks, When this was satisfactory we proceeded onto the steam test. It took about an hour and a half for the saftey valves to start to lift at 180lbs per square inch, They were fully open at 195lbs per square inch. The Valves were quickly quiented with the use of the water pump which works very well. The injector was tested in the same mannor as the pump was and this also worked very well. At that point we were congratulated on a sucessful thorough and suplimentory examination of Little Stoke.

     We must at this point say how we all thought Peter was a very pleasant and knowledgeable person, who is passionate about his work and the preservation community.


           Thanks Peter.  David Hallam 25th May 2012.

    I would recomend Peter to anyone who needs a boiler examination, His contact details are as follows..


   Hawkins Inspection Services LTD


              Mobile 07872903401

              Home 01243 554623