Canopy Creation 


Ok as none of us are much good with wood, We Decided that David should be in charge of creating/re-creating the canopy..

                As we saw in an earlyer pic the canopy supports were very rusty and the wood was in need of stripping and repair..

 This page covers the work our Father is doing to make us a new canopy.


                                                                                                     heres some pics of the supports when we took them from 40 years plus storage ..





                                                                                                               And heres where we are at 11/09/2011







                                                                     David staining the support                                                                                      Close up





                                                                here is a repair David did                                                                    And another repair the bolt will hold the side of the canopy on.  



                                                                               A close up of the repair                                                                                             Hard at it

                                                                                                                                        End of 2011     




                                               Nothing much has happend with the canopy for many months now as we were waiting for wood.

                                              Well now we have wood David is starting to get the canopy ready for a family friend to come and piece the canopy together.

                                                       1st job is to bend some wood that is needed to support the canopy and keep its curved shape.

                                                  Nick & David created a simple steaming device that would steam the wood in order it to be bent. This is made from some cast iron piping and a 40 gallon drum








                                                                                                            heres a video of the first wood being steamed ready for bending



                                                                                                  Over the weeks David bent all 4 pieces of wood needed to make the canopy




                                                                            Just come out of the steamer and about to be bent                                                 Slowly does it





                                                                                                                                      Wednesday 9th May 2012 canopy fitted!

                                                                   Kevin Allen from 4k's Joinery came and fitted the canopy here's some pictures of the canopy under construction