45 Years ago, 5 Drivers took their driving test on a steam roller at the village of Draycott-in-the-Clay in Staffordshire. As featured in the Daily Mirror October 26th 1968

Almost 45 Years have passed, The very same Steam Roller, in the very same ownership was used again on Thursday 20th June 2013, In the very same village of Draycott-in-the-Clay Staffordshire, 3 Sons of the Steam Roller owner took their driving test to add group G on to their Driving Licences. All Passed with flying colours. Here is the press photo of the drivers in 1968

Here is the picture of the Sons that passed their group G on 20th June 2013

Heres The Pic for the latest photo waving their pass certificates 


 (left to right)  Phil Hallam Nick Hallam & Jon Hallam

On the ground (left to right ) Examiner Celia Hague, David Hallam ( Steam roller owner)








Another Testing Time