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Sunday 28th June 2009


This was a historic day as far as Little Stoke was concerned as the engine was to be moved (Not under its own steam i might add) we needed Little Stoke to be moved backwards approx 15 foot so it is more accessable to get to, and prepare a launch pad for the ever closing ship out the boiler and firebox for repair.


Jonny and Nick Weigh Up the days tasks

Nothing is ever simple in life the objective was to place the wheels on, pull back and take wheels off again... easy? not on your nellie!







This Is Taken From The other side while they were still waffling on ..


The problem we encountered was that we couldnt get the sleeve inside the wheel and over the axle, This was a combination of a few things but the main problem was that the ground was un-even. (we are on funny ground)


I had an idea to place the wheels on without the Sleeves, this was initially frowned upon but after realising what time this could save we all agreed









1 wheel on my waggon..








 2nd wheel on and almost ready to roll  (No pun intended i assure )







So Here We Go, Hold Tight Scream If you want To Go Faster









Little Stokes  New tempory home







And the other side









And finally without the wheels













hallams-fowler 1966 - 2012