Well our journey starts here, This is how we found Little stoke & how we gave it a new lease of life, and how we put it in hibernation for 40 years below are some pics taking us through Little Stoke's history


Little Stoke

Double crank compound 12 ton Fowler Steam Road Roller, Boiler number 17487 Reg number LG2251.

      This Roller was new to Samuel Jackson Wistaston Crew, in about 1928. It became part of their fleet of steam vehicles and equipment that worked over a large area. Reports from previous drivers told of working in the Bolton area and even into Yorkshire. It also helped to roll the runways of Tern Hill airfield during W.W.II.

In 1958 Jacksons sold the roller to F.H.M contractors (Newcastle Under Lyme). A lot of work was done by them in the Leek area and making the A.34 through Newcastle into duel carriageway. The roller came to the end of its working life by 3 problems


1] It moved into a smokeless zone on the A.34.


2] The Experienced Driver retired.


3] The engine suffered a serious lack of power.


At this point F.H.M decided to sell this roller for scrap.


Destined For The Pearly Gates....


Mr F. Watson of Little Stoke brought it and put it in his Scapyard to await cutting up As David and Mavis Hallam were passing Little Stokes station yard in July of 1966 Mavis happend to spot it they enquired to Mr Watson and a price of 200 was agreed and paid in august 1966.


Below The Hallams first encounter with Little Stoke












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