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Here is the inside of the flywheel cleaned and primed by Jonny



Sunday 10th october 2010 Wheels, forks being primed and scarifier painted in undercoat ..



No way?? is this David Hallam with a paint brush in his hand.. lets cut back to 1966/67



David and Phil Hallam hard painting


Undercoated by David hallam

Wheels painted by Phil, David & a little bit by Sean & even smaller bit by Carl Hallam



Jonny painted the first top coat on the hornplate so we can get the fly-wheel back on


Front wheels primed and awaiting undercoat




Headstock Cleaned and painted by Jonny Sunday 21st November 2010

End Of 2010


Start of 2011

Sunday 6th Feb Phil puts 1st coat of undercoat on the forks



Saturday 11th Feb

Phil puts on undercoat on 1 side of both rear wheels with a little help from Charlie Hallam

Sunday 27th Febuary

Jonny starts the labourious task of rubbing down before applying more coats of paint

Phil also has a go at this task

While nick starts to apply another coat to the motion

Phil paints the other side of the wheels after Jonny kindly turns the wheels around to gain access to the other side


After a rub down Applies another coat to the tender


Sunday 13th March

Jon Cleans & Primes the Bottom gear cover


Phil cleans and paints Cylinder head Sunday 13th March








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