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Phil & Jon clean and paint  Sunday 20th March


                                                               Inside bottom main gear cover                                                                                                    And again with Primer




                                                                                    Steering Drum support (Nearside)                                                                         Flywheel Brake bracket


                                                                                    Scarifyer Bracket (mounts under tender)                                                  Steering Drum support (Offside)  Being degreased



Monday 21st and Friday 25th March Nick And David Hallam cleaned the steering assembly Pictured Below



                                  Friday 25th and Saturday 26th March Phil starts to fill spokes with body filler to create a smooth finish for top coat.               Saturday 26th March Nick cleans and paints motion side-plates. 




                                              Saturday 26th Phil & David Hallam bring out of storage the front and rear canopy mounts and come to the conclution that we can (with some work ) we could use the same wood that is on the supports .. Pictured below 




Sat 16th April Jonny paints big end carrier and gear linkage


Monday 18th April Jon cleans steering gear and Phil paints 1st coat undercoat on front rollers.




                                                                                                                                          Another Milestone Wed 20th April

                                                                                                   Jonny paints the other hornplate with the 1st coat of topcoat





                                                                                  26th & 28th April Jonny Paints the inside of the horn plate and the face of the regulator housing







                                                                                                                       Thusday 30th June 2011

                                                                                                   Jon gets the cleaning and undercoating of the Flywheel


                                                                                              July 12th phil puts some topcoat (black) on the wheels






                                                                                                      Thursday 21st July Phil puts a first coat of topcoat (Fowler Crimson) on The front roller



                                                                   End of July 2011 after much rubbing down and painting many coats of undercoat, Jon applies the first coat of topcoat on the flywheel



                                                                                                                                  Wow that is shinny .. nice one Jon...

                                                                                                      Thursday 11th August  phil puts 1st coat of topcoat (Fowler Crimson) on the inside of a rear wheel




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