Mission Statement 


 As you may well have guessed this is a family project that started in 1966. this website will give you a visual journey through past and present.

  2009 marked the 40th year that Little Stoke has been in suspended animation since it was decommissioned in 1969 for renovation & the 80th year and to the month (July 1929) since it was supplied new.

    Since that day there has been little or no interest/ motivation to actually get on with the job in hand. I can remember many a time that, 'Lets get Little Stoke back on the road to recovery' was said but alas it was all short lived. Yes i'm as gulty as the next person for not actually following it through.      Phil Hallam July 2009


 A Word From First In Command.


Over the years i have been aproached on many occasions to part with this family heirloom but i am so glad that we didn't sell it.

     Now my Family has grown up and taken a big interest and are working hard on this project, i'm really looking forward to seeing her in steam once again like i did all those years ago.   Mavis Hallam 26th September 2010


A Word From Second In Command


I didnt Intend for this project to go on quite so long, but after long standing commitments with Klondyke Milll upbringing of our children and work on the Smallholding, this project was put on hold.

     Lots of thanks goes out to ALL involved in getting the roller back into working order. I enjoy showing all

interested people who visit in person, or at this website. I am really chuffed to see how all my family are pulling together to make this restoration project happen.   David Hallam  26th September 2010


Renewed interest


     I got a call from my brother Jonathan Hallam in June 2009 stating that the boiler inspector had in fact been out to Little Stoke and initially said that Little Stoke was in very good order for how long it has been stood. I Would like to thank Kate Hallam (Jonathans Wife) for this renewed interest as Kate paid for the inspector. Here is some pics from the Inspector pre- visit.
















Renovation 2009

hallams-fowler 1966 - 2012