Klondyke Mill 2nd & 3rd June 2012

            This was our first outing with Little Stoke in over 40 years.

We were all very excited. Fire was lit after some repairs were made to the ashpan and we waited patiently while steam was made. 

  As it had in fact been raining all of the morning this made it difficult to get the roller from the workshop round to the tarmac drive at our house.

Jon kept trying to progress but then roller kept skidding on one particular spot, eventually we put the other drive pin in and we got her onto the tarmac and was able to head towards the road.

                   David took the controls and Nick took the steering. Here is a very short video of Little Stoke first drive on the road since 1969





Traveling Behind Little Stoke



 Approximatley 3/4 of a mile up the road we can see Little Stoke arriving at Klondyke mill for the first time in what seemed a Lifetime




Weather was very poor this weekend Saturday was damp but ok. But the Sunday it rained all day, The show was cancelled on the Sunday but we still attended as we were like a kid with a new toy.

I would like to thank Everyone who turned up in the bad weather to show support for Little Stoke's first outing.


Heres some pics from both days.