Steamtest 2

                                                             Steamtest number 2 took place on the 10th May

                     The purpose of this steamtest was to sort out some of the steam and water leaks. There was work done on the tender (to stop leaks from the inspection plate, pump and injector fittings)

                     The piston rod glands were repacked to hopefully stop the squeal that was happening on the last test, but alas this wasnt the problem and the squeal was still there.

                    The simpling valve housing was leaking on the first test but now on the second test was all sorted. And the regulator valve was re-ground in a attempt to stop this from leaking.

                     All in all it was a good test and proved to us that we are making progress. Sadly not many pictures from this occasion only a vid Jon sent me.


                                                                                                         heres the engine ticking over much more smoothly





                                                                                Steamtest 3