On 4th of November Me and David went to fetch Little Stoke back from the previous nights firework event.

previous night Nick Banked the fire up in an attempt to keep the engine warm to speed the process of the following mornings steam up. Well in short this did help and the boiler was still quite warm but it still took a while in a cold and frosty November morning.

We belive that some of the problems we were having with keeping the steam pressure up throughout or first year of steaming was down to the fact that we didn'f have lagging on the boiler, this was more apparent when we were steaming her, with the weather being so cold you could really feel the loss of heat from the boiler, So in effect we were loosing a lot of needed heat to produce steam, This will be rectified of the winter months as Little Stoke will have new boiler lagging and boiler tins.

                                   Here is David Preparing to leave Klondyke for the final time this year


                          I took the controls and David took the steering. A short journey and we were home for the last time this year here is a couple of video's of David taking her to the engine shed





 And to finish off the day nicely Bernard Hallam joined us and me and Bernard watched David rolling some hardcore a family friend had left us on the drive. We washed Little Stoke down and then drove her into her winter resting place. And finally here she is with David and Bernard.





          Since Little Stoke has been parked up Nick and Jon have been busy already, Nick drained the water from all of the engine and removed all pipework. Jon has removed the chimney and cylinder head, they have also removed the ecentrics and taken the slide valves out to check for wear/ damage 


                                                        Looking rather sad at the moment                     







                                                                       More to come

     Preparing for winter repairs / paint and the final touches to finish Little Stoke